Your Own IT Department - One Hour At a Time

Our qualified technicians are trained to be the eyes and hands for the management of your infrastructure 24/7/365.

Remote Hands Service Plans

Basic Solutions Remote Hands Service provides professional support to customers requiring emergency, planned and routine maintenance. Our data center technicians are on call all day, every day. With FIELDENGINEER.EU Remote Hands, customers can respond more quickly to emergencies, reduce travel time to and from the data center, improve up-time, and reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance.

With hourly service plans, volume discounts and 60-minute billing increments, customers are able to reduce their cost of infrastructure management.

Remote Hands Advantages

FIELDENGINEER.EU provides a wide range of remote support while physically onsite or from a remote location.

  • Increased manpower for day-to-day technical tasks – allows your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Enhanced productivity – relieves the pressure of routine maintenance activities
  • Flexibility – pay only for what you need, as you need it

Remote Hands services

Just some examples of routine tasks that can be executed via Remote Hands can include:

  • Securing cabling
  • Checking port numbers
  • Observing or reporting indicators on equipment
  • Basic observation of environment and server reboots
  • Visual verification to assist client’s remote troubleshooting efforts
  • Plug in a client-owned console port for remote management
  • Connect external device to client’s setup
  • Observing or reporting indicators on equipment
  • Requests to check physical network connectivity

Customer Benefits of Remote Hands Support

Just some examples Customer Benefits of Remote Hands Support can include:

  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce costs of your technicians having to travel to site
  • Enhance business efficiency by freeing up internal resources to focus on business critical issues
  • Remove the need for expensive 24/7 on-call coverage
  • Benefit from our technical expertise
  • Regulatory Compliant and Secure

Remote Hands When You Need Them

Our remote hands service allows you to quickly open support tickets or contact our trained and experienced technical staff directly to assist you in resolving onsite issues or taking care of routine tasks ranging from switch resets to advanced troubleshooting.

FIELDENGINEER.EU is staffed 24×7 by IT professionals that are always available for technical support so customers can focus on their core business.

FIELDENGINEER.EU Remote Hands services allow customers to easily manage their business and maximize uptime within our data center without leaving their enterprise location. By providing you with expert, round-the-clock, resources on an as-needed basis, our technicians become the onsite extension of your IT organization./p>

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