Rack and stack

Moving into a data center has never been easier

Rack and stack services

Save your resources and the hassle of traveling to your data center to set up your servers thanks to our professional server rack design and installation service.

No worries about having all the right equipment or the skills.

Our trained data center experts will locate the rack, mount your gear, wire your rack, , power up your equipment and upload the configuration.

Upon deployment, complete documentation and digital pictures of the entire installation will be provided to simplify ongoing support. Data center migration has never been easier.

Fieldengineer.eu onsite support

Our field engineers provide flexible services helping you to maximize your ROI, such as:

  • Site surveys, evaluations, and preinstall preparations
  • Rack and stack features
  • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
  • Professional assembly and rack mounting
  • CPE-installations, move and change, service switching
  • Datacenter technische support
  • Wi-Fi-surveys and installations

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